30 Best Work From Home Jobs in 2023

30 Best Work From Home Jobs in 2023
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With more companies adopting the concept of remote-work and work from home, the number of job opportunities continues to grow. The range of tasks which can be performed in the comfort of your home may shock you. From writing and entry of data to IT security and even nursing. These are just a few of the exciting and lucrative jobs available to people who work remotely in 2023:

We’ve listed the median salary rate for every job to serve as a general guideline. The rate you earn as a freelancer will vary depending on your employer’s experience, location, and other variables. Work-from-home jobs for beginners may be less lucrative than those that require an experienced professional.

If you’re deciding on the ideal job-from-home options, consider the amount you’d like to earn and the benefits that don’t require money, such as an adjustable schedule or a pre-determined one if you’d prefer!

Find the most lucrative online jobs

If you’re self-taught, have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, or are an entry-level student or doctorate, plenty of exciting work-from-home opportunities are readily available.

There are a variety of options for websites for job listings, and marketplaces could include remote full-time jobs and remote, part-time work, as well as independent contractor agreements as well as freelance work.


Contrary to other job search sites, Upwork is 100% dedicated to remote, self-employed work. It means that each job advertised on the site is one you can do in the comfort of your home.

Businesses of all sizes utilize Upwork. It is used by around half of Fortune 500 companies. You can locate the perfect client with Upwork if you’re looking to collaborate with independent professionals or agencies, small-business entrepreneurs, startup companies, non-profits and large companies. Work can be short or long, from one-off projects to a lengthy contract that includes forty hours of work per week.

The Upwork platform is unique because you, the applicant, completely control every aspect of your job search. It is possible to see the budget for the job you’re applying for in advance, provide a specific rate in the form of a proposal, and provide the services you’d like to offer. You don’t have to wait and wonder what job you’ve applied for actually pays the amount you want. Also, you are sure to be paid. The hourly payment protection system and escrow system make sure of that.


Indeed’s search function allows you to filter results by title of job and location, such as “remote.” Many of the jobs listed are remote full-time job openings.

Looking for jobs as a freelancer through Indeed is a challenging task. If you’re looking for a job, you might be more successful through a site such as Upwork, which is committed to connecting freelancers with customers.


Like Indeed, you can find jobs from any area through Monster. These include those that say “remote” or “work from home” in the job description.

Although you could use “freelance” as a job search term on Monster, the results will be varied. In a search test conducted worldwide, many of the most popular results were paid listings of full-time positions.


Many companies post job jobs for positions on LinkedIn, and people can set up notifications to be notified of specific roles and job titles. Searching “freelance” and “remote” will bring up a wide range of positions that fit this requirement.

LinkedIn has a similar feature called “Service Pages,” which permits independent professionals to post the services they offer and receive inquiries from fellow users looking for support for a particular task.

Jobs that require work-from-home

All professional and independent rates below come from Upwork, Clockify, or ZipRecruiter.

Web developer

Web designers, often called programmers, write codes to build and manage websites for various companies and organizations. Sure, web developers concentrate more on the website’s backend and are used for internal use, while others focus on the front side that is viewed by those who browse online.

The responsibilities of a web developer in the day could comprise:

  • The creation of new web pages or websites
  • Investigating and solving problems using the code
  • Cross-functionally working with web developers
  • New web-based tools are being developed to be used by businesses
  • Enhancing the user experience (UX)

What’s the amount that an internet developer earns by 2023?

Independent web developers typically cost 15 to $30 for an hour.

Browse web development jobs.

Software developers

Software developers use code similar to web developers; however, they concentrate on developing programs and applications. The typical roles of software developers are designing and managing banking applications, working on corporate tax software, and developing games for mobile devices. Every company with any software or app might require a software developer’s assistance.

Software developers’ day-to-day responsibilities can include:

  • Reviewing the code in place for any problems and bugs
  • New apps and software applications
  • Software and apps are updated with fresh capabilities
  • Managing databases
  • Documenting and planning software modifications

What is the average amount the software designer earns by 2023?

Software developers who are independent typically charge between $15 and $30 an hour.

Check out the top Software Development jobs.

WordPress developer

The WordPress designer can create custom-designed websites, themes and plugins. They use the open-source WordPress platform to build websites and tools according to their client’s specifications. They typically employ the PHP code language and are proficient in hosting and securing WordPress websites.

A WordPress developer’s responsibility could be:

  • Designing custom WordPress pages
  • Integration of WordPress plugins
  • Websites are tested across both devices and browsers
  • Troubleshooting web-based bugs
  • Controlling WordPress Installation and Hosting

How much will a WordPress developer earn by 2023?

Independent WordPress creators typically charge anywhere from an hourly rate of $15-$28.

Find all open WordPress job openings

Testing QA

Testers from QA examine for problems and bugs in the latest software versions. They also look for other issues in new software releases. QA tester’s observations help ensure the software is ready to be used when released into the marketplace.

Software QA tester’s duties can encompass:

  • Test completed software
  • New versions are being tested for unfinished software
  • Software must be able to stand the demands of users
  • The detection of the possibility of bugs
  • Evaluating user experience

What’s the highest amount a QA tester for software earns for 2023?

Unofficial software QA testers generally charge between $13 and $50 hourly.

You can be recruited as a software QA tester.

Graphic Designer

Graphic design professionals can be involved in print, web projects, social media or print. Graphic designers usually use software like Adobe Creative Cloud or Affinity Designer daily. Designers can work for companies of all sizes and in every industry.

The responsibilities of a graphic designer are:

  • Created branded graphic designs for customers
  • Source and license royalty-free stock photos
  • Printing and Web-ready versions of images
  • Making social media posts as well as banners for websites
  • Text to be laid out in the publication of a publication or newsletter

How much will graphic designers earn in 2023?

Independent graphic designers typically cost 15 to $35 for an hour.

Find the top graphic design job opportunities.

Logo designer

The logo designers are graphic artists who specialize in designing logos suitable for business. Logo designers can also provide branding options, like establishing colour pallets, picking typefaces and creating business cards.

A logo designer’s responsibilities can include:

  • Speaking with customers or employees
  • Conducting market research
  • The creation of theme-specific color schemes
  • Designing multiple logos for client review
  • Revising logo designs

How much money can an individual designer earn for 2023?

The cost of logo design by independent designers is typically between $15 and $30 an hour.

Take a look at the best jobs in logo design.

Presentation designer

Presenters assist businesses and individuals in presenting information effectively and gaining business. The presentation designer can create presentations for sales and online course slides. They also make presentations with visual aids as well as other exhibits.

A day-to-day job for an experienced designer for presentations could be:

  • Making graphs and charts
  • Custom-designed illustrations
  • Disseminating data and texts visually appealingly
  • The selection of typefaces, as well as color palettes
  • Animating presentation elements

What’s the amount that the salary of a designer for presentations will be by 2023?

Presenters who are independent typically charge between $15 and $35 an hour.

You can be offered to work as a presenter.

Video Editor

Editors for video convert raw video footage into final commercials and marketing videos. YouTube videos, TV shows, movies and more.

The responsibilities of a video editor include:

  • Reviewing video footage to identify the ideal angles and best shots
  • Making long videos to blend effortlessly into the story
  • Then, cutting and incorporating B-roll footage into a movie
  • The synchronization of audio and video tracks
  • Examining edited videos for any errors

What is the average amount an editor of videos earns in 2023?

Independent video editors usually offer a fee of $15-$30 per hour.

Work as an editor of videos.

Social media coordinator

Social media professionals develop, plan the schedule and publish posts on social media platforms. Specific social media managers oversee a company’s social media accounts on several platforms. Other managers specialize in Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Social media managers’ responsibilities could comprise:

  • Post visuals can be created using programs such as Adobe Creative Cloud or Canva
  • Collaboration with copywriters as well as graphic designers
  • The management of a social media content calendar
  • Collaboration with affiliates and influencers
  • Monitor engagement and reach
  • Reacting to messages from direct messages and remarks

How much will an administrator of social media earn by 2023?

The independent social media manager typically charges anywhere from $14 to $35 an hour.

Locate a job in social media job as a manager.

Marketing Manager

Marketing professionals assist organizations of all sizes in simplifying and enhancing their marketing strategies. They can help with the best strategy for your business, using the latest software, running promotions, and many more.

The day-to-day duties of a marketing manager might comprise:

  • Reporting KPIs and tracking
  • The creation of workflows that automatize processes
  • New strategies for campaigning are being developed.
  • Cross-functionally working with the SEO, content, design, and development and design teams.
  • Management of marketing initiatives from the beginning until the end

What is the average amount a manager in marketing makes by 2023?

Independent marketing managers generally charge between $24 and 60 dollars per hour.

Check out available marketing manager jobs.

Content strategist

Content strategists determine what content they will develop and the best time to release it. The content could include written or audio, video, and data visualizations. Content strategists are essential to the marketing processes in large and small businesses across all sectors.

Content strategists’ responsibilities are:

  • Collaboration with cross-functional teams of SEO specialists, videographers, experts, graphic designers and writers.
  • Studying trends in the industry
  • The management of a calendar for publishing dates and types of content
  • The assignment of tasks to marketing team members
  • Examining the performance of content

How much will a content strategist earn by 2023?

Independent content management companies generally charge about $19 an hour.

Browse content strategist jobs


Copywriters produce content for online and printed marketing material. They could be proficient in the field of advertising and SEO as well as writing.

The day-to-day duties of a copywriter may comprise:

  • Projects for research and topical topics
  • Collaboration in conjunction with UX Designers and SEO experts
  • Writing blog posts, Emails, landing pages, whitepapers, as well as marketing material
  • Incorporating copy into wireframes
  • Editing and improving the existing copy

What’s the amount that the average copywriter earns by 2023?

Independent copywriters usually charge an hourly rate between $19 and $45.

See all copywriting opportunities


Proofreaders ensure that electronic and printed documents are not full of mistakes. It could involve reviewing pages before they go live and examining drafts of books and manuscripts, corporate letters, and so on.

The responsibilities of a proofreader may consist of:

  • Verifying documents for grammatical mistakes
  • Correcting syntax and spelling
  • Offering suggestions for improving writing
  • Editing text translated
  • Verifying facts, figures, and quotes to ensure the accuracy

How much will an editor earn in 2023?

Independent proofreaders usually charge an hourly rate of $18-$35.


Proofreading Jobs to apply for

Translators aid individuals and companies in developing content that is multilingual. They can be involved in web content, business document videos, captions for videos, software manuals, marketing documents, and more. Translating is an essential skill which is beneficial across numerous different industries. Translators could be proficient in writing and speaking in more than one language or understand the nuances of dialects.

A translator’s day-to-day duties translator may comprise:

  • Translation between two languages
  • translating between dialects of the same spoken language
  • Rewriting and editing the content to take into account language differences
  • Converting data and numbers to the proper format or currency
  • The process of proofreading content that has already been translated

How much money can an individual translator earn in 2023?

Independent translators typically charge between $15-$25 per hour.

Work as translator


Cybersecurity, as well as Information security experts, help to keep corporate networks secure.

Security or cybersecurity professional’s responsibilities could include:

  • Monitor network security to detect possible breaches
  • Examining and resolving any security alerts
  • Installing firewalls, as well as other security measures for corporate network
  • Instructing employees on cybersecurity best practices
  • In the process of establishing cyber-security policies for companies

What is the average amount the average cybersecurity professional earns in 2023?

Independent IT experts typically cost $12-$30 per hour.

Access information about security jobs

Support for IT

Technical and technical assistance experts work for the software industry and other organizations that offer or utilize technical products. They might assist customers and users in comprehending how products work and help with problems. This job demands an excellent technical background and strong customer support abilities since it’s usually very customer-focused.

An IT support specialist’s duties could be:

  • Controlling ticketing systems for IT
  • Helping with questions by phone or emails
  • accessing accounts to troubleshoot issues
  • Helpdesk documentation management
  • New software users are enrolled

What’s the salary that IT professionals will earn by 2023?

Specialists in IT support who work independently generally cost around $19 an hour.

See the entire technical support job.

Customer service manager

Customer service Managers are the knowledgeable and helpful image of the business. They can interact with potential customers or current company clients and assist with answering queries or addressing issues.

Customer service managers’ responsibilities may consist of:

  • Answering support ticket requests from customers email, chats, social media posts, as well as answering phone calls
  • Teaming up with internal teams to address customer concerns
  • Update of external and internal customer documents for service
  • Informing customers about important information
  • Tracking key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Reporting to stakeholders of the company

What is the average amount an employee of customer service earns for 2023?

The independent customer service manager typically charges $10 to $19 an hour.

Browse all customer service jobs.

Data entry

Data entry professionals take the data from documents. It can then be entered into different files and systems. The data entry specialist might specialize in 10 key data entries focusing on numbers. Or, they may be able to rapidly analyze large data sets and extract the pertinent data in written form. Many industries, such as medical and financial institutions, employ data entry experts.

Data entry specialists’ daily tasks can be:

  • Studying massive datasets
  • Locating information on the web
  • Inputting information into spreadsheets or on forms
  • Optimizing existing systems
  • Generating reports and developing them

What is the average amount an expert in data entry earns by 2023?

Independent data entry professionals typically charge anywhere from $10 to $20 an hour.

Find an entry position in the data.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants assist with day-to-day work and aid in running businesses effectively. They can work for multiple companies, performing some of the same tasks as an administrative assistant would manage in a workplace.

The responsibilities of a virtual assistant consist of:

  • Management of appointment calendars
  • Travel arrangements for booking
  • Designing sales or marketing-related presentations
  • Answering phone calls from customers as well as customers
  • Making notes for meetings as well as agendas
  • Invoicing and payment of invoices
  • The scheduling of social media posts

What’s the maximum amount that a virtual assistant earns in 2023?

Virtual assistants who are independent typically offer a fee of $10-$20 per hour.

We offer to work as an assistant virtual

Legal assistant

Legal assistants help lawyers and legal departments with various duties related to legal court cases or projects. Legal assistants can be generalists, whereas some specialize in a specific field of law.

Legal assistants’ responsibilities could be:

  • Contacting other lawyers and law firms.
  • Meetings for scheduling with attorneys
  • Preparing client correspondence
  • The process of drafting legal documents
  • managing the day-to-day activities of a department for legal

What is the average salary of a legal assistant for 2023?

The average cost for independent legal assistants is approximately $28 an hour.

Browse legal assistant jobs.

Sub- and Loan Officers

Underwriters and loan officers underwriters deal with clients of banks and financial institutions. An underwriter is accountable for educating potential clients about the loans available and determining if they qualify for a mortgage, auto loan or personal loan. A loan officer or underwriter can work on personal or commercial loans, mortgages, and other credit lines.

A day-to-day responsibility of a loan agent or underwriter could be:

  • Examining the creditworthiness of an applicant
  • Examining the information provided by applicants
  • Approving or pre-approving a loan application
  • Becoming informed about industry-specific and financial rules and regulations
  • Helping answer questions regarding the loan options

What’s the average amount that an underwriter or a loan agent gets for 2023?

Independent underwriters and independent loan officers typically charge up to 20 dollars per hour.

Browse underwriting jobs

Bookkeeper, accountant or accountant

Bookkeepers can manage a company’s financial affairs during the entire year or only at tax time. They may assist with reconciling accounts, managing payroll, making reports, issuing invoices, and many other things.

The day-to-day responsibilities of the bookkeeper or accountant could be:

  • Approving expenses report
  • In the aftermath of late payment on invoices
  • How to calculate the tax withholding
  • Tax forms to be prepared and filed
  • Generating financial statements

What is the average amount the bookkeeper or accountant will earn by 2023?

Independent bookkeepers and independent accountants typically cost between $11 and $32 an hour.

You can begin your career as a bookkeeper.

Financial Analyst

performance and opportunities. They aid clients in leveraging the potential of their investments to maximize earnings.

Financial analyst’s duties could comprise:

  • Generating financial statements
  • Models of financial running
  • Conducting research SEC reports and data on financials
  • Making market analysis reports
  • The development of multi-year business plans

How much will a financial analyst earn by 2023?

Independent financial analysts typically charge between $20 and $60 an hour.

See the most lucrative Financial Analyst jobs.

Financial manager

Wealth managers, also known as financiers, can improve their clients’ financial well-being. They advise clients or executive teams on ways to increase profits and improve the performance of investments.

The day-to-day duties of a wealth manager may comprise:

  • Examining reports to find methods to boost profits
  • Monitor market trends to identify potential financial gains
  • Auditing financial statements to determine if they are in compliance with regulations.
  • Preparing financial reports
  • Monitor the flow of cash
  • Implementing strategies to mitigate the risk associated with investing

How much could a wealth manager earn in 2023?

Independent financial professionals typically charge 35 to $50 for an hour.

View financial management jobs.

Manager of the project

Project Managers manage all project elements to a set schedule and stay on the right track. The project manager could specialize in one particular method or specific industry. There are project managers in hospitals and construction firms, working with software developers, and much more.

The responsibilities of a project manager are:

  • Tracking and defining the goals of your project
  • Informing project stakeholders about how the project is progressing and any changes
  • Finding out the best way to get around unexpected obstacles
  • Making sure that all teams are aligned in their responsibilities
  • Documentation and reports for projects are prepared.

What’s the highest amount that an administrator of projects earns for 2023?

Independent project managers typically charge $19-$45 hourly.

Browse project management jobs.


Recruiters are employed to find competent candidates for open posts. Recruiters can work for the same company, in an employment agency or with various businesses.

The responsibilities of a recruiter could comprise:

  • Job postings in the field of writing
  • Reviewing and collecting the resumes of candidates
  • Interviews conducted via phone or video
  • The scheduling of follow-up meetings
  • Conducting background checks as well as checking references

What is the average amount an employee earn by 2023?

Independent recruiters usually charge an hourly rate of $10-$55.

Find all the vacancies for recruiting


Instructors and tutors can explain their concepts in groups or to individuals. Teachers and tutors typically work with students. Tutors and teachers can also assist individuals undergoing classes for their company studying to take professional development tests or other exams.

The typical responsibilities of instructors and tutors are:

  • Dissolving a vast program of study into lessons
  • Study guides for creating
  • Revision and correction of assignments
  • The ability to explain complex subjects using visual and written aids
  • Helping students complete homework assignments

What’s the highest amount that an educator earns in 2023?

Independent teachers and tutors may cost anything from 15 to $100 for an hour or more.

Locate an online tutoring, teaching, or classroom job.

Virtual event planner

Event organizers organize the required aspects of running the success of a party, meeting, conference or any other event. Event planners can focus on corporate, private and even virtual gatherings.

The day-to-day tasks of an event planner may comprise:

  • Reviewing with customers to go over possible event possibilities
  • Making calls to vendors and venues for a discussion on pricing
  • Finding the most competitive rates for clients
  • An upcoming marketing events
  • Solving day-of-the-week problems

What’s the amount that the event planner earns by 2023?

Independent event planners typically cost 20 dollars per hour or more.

Begin functioning as a virtual event organizer.

Travel agent

Travel professionals aid businesses and people in creating the ideal trip. They can create holiday packages, organize corporate retreats, and many more.

The responsibilities of a travel agent comprise:

  • Find the lowest prices for lodging, airfare, as well as entertainment
  • Making airline reservations and reservations for hotels
  • The planning of each step to include multiple locations
  • Recording travel and business costs
  • Planning trip itineraries
  • Helping with last-minute trip modifications, cancellations, and booking rebooking

How much will an agent of travel make by 2023?

Travel agencies that work from home within the US typically charge a fee of $28 for each hour.

Find the top job opportunities for travel agents.

Nurse practitioner

The nurse practitioners are nurses with, at minimum, at least a Master of Science in nursing. They also have completed additional education. They usually can determine the severity of a condition and prescribe treatments similar to a physician. Nurse practitioners are employed in doctors’ offices or hospitals, some in-home medical settings, while some offer remote consultation and assistance.

While working from the comfort of their home, nurse practitioners’ obligations could be:

  • Revision and editing of medical information
  • Summarizing and reviewing the medical record
  • Medical transcription
  • Creating medical training documentation
  • Telehealth consultations with patients

What is the average amount an RN earn in 2023?

Independent nurses usually charge upwards of $15 an hour. The rate usually increases when you are a nurse practitioner.

Take a look at the top remote nursing positions.


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